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Developing public services in Wales

In June 2012 Shared Intelligence were commissioned by the Welsh Government, along with Cardiff Business School and IFF research, to undertake a three-year evaluation of an ESF-funded project to help increase the capacity of local service boards in Wales so that they can deliver better services for citizens.

The main aims of the Development and Priority Delivery Project are to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of public services, to increase the capability of the Local Service Boards to link with deprived communities, to build a capacity for collaboration among local authorities, and to further develop Local Service Boards as a sustainable support and delivery infrastructure.

Our evaluation drew on four sources, namely interviews with national stakeholders, an all-Wales public service survey on collaboration, case studies of seven delivery projects and an analysis of discussions held at three learning events.

Using this data, we were able to assess whether the projects had resulted in better outcomes for citizens, and what the projects did to help deliver these outcomes, how learning was shared, and to what extent the projects have made it easier to involve communities and community groups with local service delivery and whether this provides a platform for sustainable change.

The report is due to be published at the end of January.

Find out more about our work with Local Government.

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