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The “emerald green age of cities”

Regeneration for Scotland’s Future: European Perspectives How can we create ‘the emerald green age of cities’ in Scotland? What can Scottish towns and cities learn from pioneers like Freiburg in Germany? 20 regeneration practitioners from all over Scotland, including entrepreneurs, local government officials, academics and young professionals, tackled these and other questions in the first ‘Regeneration for Scotland’s future’ webinar. The webinars are an experimental series of online discussions funded by Scottish government and organised by Shared Intelligence. Andrea Philipp, a Consultant at Aiforia, based in Freiburg Germany started our discussion. Saying no to nuclear Frieburg’s journey to urban sustainability began back in the 1970s with the proposal to construct ...

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Regeneration for Scotland’s Future: European Perspectives webinars

Introduction Shared Intelligence has been successful in a bid to the Scottish Government’s Learning Network Challenge Fund for a series of online seminars for professionals working in housing and regeneration in Scotland to exchange policy ideas and practice with expert European peers. Overall objective To engage professionals working in regeneration, planning and housing on topical and interesting themes that tap into the debate about the future of policy in Scotland and, in particular, the ideas and learning from other countries that can be used to support policy making. About the webinars We are planning to hold 3 free web-based seminars or webinars in July, August and September 2013, each of which ...

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