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London Growth Boroughs 2015-18 Convergence Strategy

Towards the end of 2014, Shared Intelligence worked with the London Growth Boroughs to identify opportunities for further collaboration on skills and employment to feed in to development of the next Growth Boroughs Convergence Strategy 2015 – 2018. The population of Greater London has hit 8.6 million. The last time London was that big was 1939. The current wave of growth is projected to continue until London has over 10 million residents. Where will all the new people and businesses be accommodated? The short answer is that much of it will be in the East of London, in the six Growth Boroughs. A more challenging question is what needs to ...

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The Croydon Promise: Growth For All

There is massive growth potential in Croydon; over £9billion of investment is planned over the next five years including a new Westfield-Hammerson shopping centre (one of the largest in Europe), over 9600 homes, and 1m sq.ft of new office space. This is an investment programme on a similar scale to the Olympic Park. The new administration of LB Croydon elected in May 2014 were keen to demonstrate to residents, businesses and investors that they welcomed this growth, and would actively enable it for the benefit all of Croydon’s residents including the large BME community.  Shared Intelligence worked closely with senior LB Croydon officers from across the regeneration, planning, economic development, ...

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