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Communities for health: How health and wellbeing became everyone’s business

This learning resource was designed to inform local authority managers as they develop their role as orchestrators of public health locally. It draws out the main lessons from ‘Communities for Health’, the seven year programme funded by the Department for Health. We undertook this study in collaboration with the Institute of Health Equity and the document includes a foreword from the director of the institute Prof. Sir Michael Marmot. Our learning resource was created using action learning sessions with Communities for Health co-ordinators, who helped us understand the specific ways in which Communities for Health instigated change. It focuses in particular on the potential for health and wellbeing practitioners to instigate change. ...

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Prostate Cancer UK information resources and helpline service evaluation

Prostate Cancer UK is the leading UK charity for men with prostate cancer and prostate problems.  Shared Intelligence evaluated their information resources (printed and online) and specialist nurse-led telephone helpline service. Our approach included: analysing existing information such as survey and website usage data; undertaking new research which included interviewing people who had used the service (people affected by cancer); and undertaking fieldwork in the community and in a variety of health settings We visited both specialist cancer centres and non-cancer health settings in the statutory and voluntary sectors, including those serving vulnerable groups such as people with learning disabilities, older people’s mental health and homeless people. Through community-based focus ...

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Macmillan Cancer Support

We evaluated Macmillan Cancer Support’s information and support resources, using a mixed methods approach. We undertook quantitative and qualitative research, such as online and paper surveys and follow up telephone interviews, to evaluate the impact of the resources on people affected by cancer and to generate overall findings and recommendations for improvement. The study included a longitudinal component of detailed interviews with people affected by cancer, where we tracked their experience over time. This enabled us to uncover rich details of how people’s use of information, and their needs and priorities, change at different points of the cancer journey. As well as a full written report we provided our client ...

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Supporting the Health Foundation’s programme for practitioner networks

Senior Shared Intelligence staff were appointed to the Health Foundation’s ‘faculty’ as part of its programme supporting practitioner networks in healthcare. Through our role on the faculty we have supported the strategic development a number of networks involving clinicians, patients, and health academics in the fields of medical training, sexual health, and mental health.

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Total Place

Phil Swann, Programme Director Leadership and Local, was the Project Director for the Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole Total Place Pilot which explored how to get improved services for older people at less cost.

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Equality delivery system

The first anniversary of the launch of the Equality Delivery System (EDS) by Sir David Nicholson is marked by the publication of our report ‘Evaluation of the equality delivery system for the NHS’. We have undertaken an evaluation that focuses upon the implementation of the EDS across NHS organisations in England. The evaluation was undertaken between January and August 2012 and involved over 200 organisations.

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