What the public want from libraries

    This large scale study of public attitudes in relation to libraries was commissioned by the Museums Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) in 2010 and was carried out jointly with the Social Research Institute at Ipsos MORI. Over a period of six months we and Ipsos MORI undertook one of the largest ever studies of public attitudes to England’s public libraries, from those who use their library frequently, to those who do so rarely or never at all.

    Following a review of existing data and evidence on public attitudes to libraries we and Ipsos MORI then held focus groups in every part of the country and a national opinion survey of 1,102 members of the public. The study showed that while there is are fundamental shifts in how we get hold of information and books to read, local libraries retain a special place in the minds of the public whether they currently use their library, or not – as places for reading, learning (particularly children’s education) and getting information.

    What the public want from libraries – main report can be found here.

    What the public want from libraries – the practitioner guide can be found here.

    Client: Museums Libraries and Archives Council (MLA)


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