Prostate Cancer UK information resources and helpline service evaluation

    Prostate Cancer UK is the leading UK charity for men with prostate cancer and prostate problems.  Shared Intelligence evaluated their information resources (printed and online) and specialist nurse-led telephone helpline service.

    Our approach included:

    • analysing existing information such as survey and website usage data;
    • undertaking new research which included interviewing people who had used the service (people affected by cancer); and
    • undertaking fieldwork in the community and in a variety of health settings

    We visited both specialist cancer centres and non-cancer health settings in the statutory and voluntary sectors, including those serving vulnerable groups such as people with learning disabilities, older people’s mental health and homeless people. Through community-based focus groups in all four nations of the UK we engaged with members of the public whose needs are in danger of being overlooked, including D/deaf people, blind and visually impaired people, gay and bisexual men and transgender women, women from black and minority ethnic groups, sheltered housing residents aged 80+ and men and women living in deprived areas.

    Throughout the project we worked collaboratively with Prostate Cancer UK to ensure our approach and our report and recommendations focused on the issues that are important to them and enabled them to identify practical ways in which they could improve the service they offer.

    “Shared Intelligence helped us to reach people who don’t use our services, including some groups that we’d never spoken to before. The project manager kept in regular contact and took on board our requirements. The report has helped us to identify the key actions we need to take to increase the reach of our information and specialist nurse services and has put us in touch with people who want to get involved with our work.” Debbie Clayton, Information Manager

    Client: Prostate Cancer UK

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