Macmillan Cancer Support

    We evaluated Macmillan Cancer Support’s information and support resources, using a mixed methods approach.

    We undertook quantitative and qualitative research, such as online and paper surveys and follow up telephone interviews, to evaluate the impact of the resources on people affected by cancer and to generate overall findings and recommendations for improvement.

    The study included a longitudinal component of detailed interviews with people affected by cancer, where we tracked their experience over time. This enabled us to uncover rich details of how people’s use of information, and their needs and priorities, change at different points of the cancer journey.

    As well as a full written report we provided our client with a presentation which could be used flexibly to communicate the findings to a variety of internal and external audiences.

    This project has given us crucial evidence of the actual impact of information for people affected by cancer. The quantitative approach to measuring our impact against quality of life outcomes has enabled us to identify what we are getting right, as well as specific areas for improvement. Alongside this, the range of case studies illustrates the varied and changing needs of people affected by cancer. Together, our findings have been of interest to a wide range of audiences at Macmillan and beyond: they have helped build the evidence for the role of information for people affected by cancer, as well as raise the profile of our work both internally and externally.

    Anna Leibowitz, Head of Cancer Information Development

    Client: Macmillan Cancer Support

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