Evaluation of victim caseworker service

    What Shared Intelligence did:

    The Si team initially analysed information held in the service’s Case Management System and used this to build up a baseline against which outcomes for victims could be measured. Following this, caseworkers and service users were interviewed about their perceptions of the service and the impacts it had on them. Most service users were interviewed again after three months, enabling the evaluation team to measure how their views changed over time. Si held two workshops with caseworkers and general Victim Support staff to devise and test a method for capturing outcomes from the service. Following this the Si team refined the model of outcomes measurement and developed a suite of underpinning indicators which could be used to measure progress.

    Project outcomes:

    The final report included a replicable outcomes framework to underpin the revised approach to outcome planning and measurement. It also made a number of recommendations to support this, including that Victim Support continues to develops its approach to outcome planning and measurement, and ensure its systems reflect the sharper focus on outcomes.

    Client: Victim Support


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