Development and best practice support to the London Scrutiny Network

    Our support programme for the London Scrutiny Network work has comprised several strands of work; action learning for scrutiny chairs, action learning for managers, and producing a book of a stories, which illustrate the impact of scrutiny on everyday life.

    Our action learning set for scrutiny officers brought together a group ranging in experience from established senior managers, to scrutiny officers who had only recently taken on their role. The managers’ learning set was used to:

    • discuss practical and managerial challenges officers were facing, and use the combined knowledge of the learning set to solve these;
    • develop set members’ expertise to enable them to become practitioner champions able to offer support to colleagues not in the set; and
    • develop experience of using action learning sets and of facilitating sets themselves.

    The objectives of the learning set for scrutiny chairs was to:

    develop the role of individual scrutiny chairs, including political skills and investigative skills;

    share approaches to operating in a political environment while at the same time maintaining an ethos of impartiality within scrutiny; and

    developing the reputation of scrutiny in the wider organisational context and exercising community leadership.

    Our best practice booklet of stories was co-authored with the Centre for Public Scrutiny. It used six people-focused stories from London to illustrate the difference scrutiny had made to communities and individuals. It was designed to bring good practice to life as an antidote to many guides and toolkits, which can be dry and bureaucratic. The pamphlet is entitled Capital Improvement and has been published on the London Councils website.

    Client: London Scrutiny Network

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