Certified programme in futures and horizon-scanning techniques

    Take part in an international course taught by business professionals from five European countries, with more than 15 years of experience each in the fields of future studies and strategy.

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    Bookings are now being taken for our next programme - taking place in Stockholm Jan to May 2017.

    Since 2013 Shared Intelligence has co-delivered, with four partners from across Europe, a new professional development programme aimed at managers in all sectors who want to develop technical skills for trends analysis, fore-sighting, and horizon-scanning. Our programme is called International Certified Future Strategist and covers the analysis and application of trends data to create scenarios and frame strategic choices, to inform courses of action. Our own recent work around

    trends and futures has shown that organisations increasingly want to use external support to develop internal capacity to lead these kinds of projects.

    The programme has been part-funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme, aimed at those in leadership, or moving into leadership, in the public, private or social sectors most likely responsible for service or policy development, or for research and analysis.

    Certification options enable participants to demonstrate to employers, clients, or educational bodies what they have learned and achieved on the programme. We have two ways to demonstrate achievement. The course has been accredited by the UK’s Chartered Management Institute at Masters Degree level as meeting the learning objectives of their Award in Strategic Management and Leadership and this is recognised by educational bodies across Europe under the EQF (European Qualification Framework). The course also has a Certification Scheme designed and audited by an independent body (ExMi of Sweden) as proof you have acquired the technical skills and competencies to lead futures orientated strategy projects including factor and trends analysis, scenario development, and strategy options development.

    The next course takes place over four three-day sessions between January 2017 and May 2017, in Stockholm. Participants will be from across the EU. Facilitation of the course is split between the project partners and Shared Intelligence co-facilitate the final module.

    • Module 1: 25-27 January 2017
    • Module 2: 8-10 March 2017
    • Module 3: 5-7 April 2017
    • Module 4: 10-12 May 2017

    To find out more contact Ben Lee at Shared Intelligence or visit the programme website at


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