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Learn practical skills for horizon-scanning and trends analysis in a small group of managers from across Europe

Lifelong Learning Programme

Over the past year Shared Intelligence has been working with a consortium of research and consultancy organisations from across Europe to develop an innovative new professional development programme for managers.

Funded by the EU’s Lifelong Learning Programme, the International Certified Future Strategist programme (ICFS) is a unique learning experience designed to enable individuals to develop skills in horizon-scanning for organisational leadership and planning, and applying trends data to strategic decisions.

The programme will provide an intensive learning experience with a pan-European cohort of participants, and a chance to build international contacts into your peer network.

The programme is being piloted between November 2013 and May 2014 with a small group of managers from six European countries in a collaborative and challenging environment. It will take place over five intensive 72-hour sessions each held in Brussels. It is aimed at those currently in leadership positions, or those seeking to move into leadership, in the public, private or social sectors.

The programme dates are:

Module 1: Wednesday 27 Nov – Friday 30 Nov, 2013 Tracking: Focus, scope, trends and uncertainties

Module 2: Wednesday 8 Jan – Friday 10 Jan, 2014 Tracking: Assets, actors, crowd sourcing, conceptual thinking

Module 3: Wednesday 12 Feb – Friday 14 Feb, 2014 Analysing: Scenarios, methods, stories, logic, communication

Module 4: Wednesday 19 Mar – Friday 21 Mar, 2014 Imaging-Deciding: Visions, idea formation, strategy building

Module 5: Wednesday 7 May – Friday 9 May, 2014 Deciding-Acting: Change agents, continuous strategy development

  • The pilot phase will take place in Brussels, Belgium
  • The course will be taught in English
  • The pilot phase of the course is €6,500 which is half the intended full price. This is inclusive of lunches and course materials, but exclusive of travel and accommodation

For further details about the ICFS course, and the individual tutors download the brochure or visit www.certifiedfuturestrategist.com or contact Ben Lee: 020 7756 7606 |ben.lee@sharedintelligence.net or Kevin Fenning: 020 7756 7634 |kevin.fenning@sharedintelligence.net

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