Letting consultants actually lead you is challenging for many! Yet for us it was exciting and refreshing. Shared Intelligence pushed our thinking and views through constructive challenge, helping us to use to adopt different perspectives on our vision and aspirations. Rapport and confidence grew quickly within the project team and without doubt, the expertise and dynamic approach by Shared Intelligence helped shape our concepts, approach and ultimately our messages and Board commitments.

Claire Alexander

Programme Manager at the SEP

This project has given us crucial evidence of the actual impact of information for people affected by cancer. The quantitative approach to measuring our impact against quality of life outcomes has enabled us to identify what we are getting right, as well as specific areas for improvement. Alongside this, the range of case studies illustrates the varied and changing needs of people affected by cancer. Together, our findings have been of interest to a wide range of audiences at Macmillan and beyond: they have helped build the evidence for the role of information for people affected by cancer, as well as raise the profile of our work both internally and externally.

Anna Leibowitz

Head of Cancer Information Development
Some members have found him quite challenging, and might have said to each other ‘who does he think is?’ but for me that shows he’s done his job.

Test Valley

Si’s collaborative approach helped to bring local stakeholders together and to get people thinking about growing the cultural sector. The model really felt like it showed the impact of events and venues in Ipswich, which definitely helped convince local partners of its relevance. Through this work, we were able to achieve one of our key objectives, which was getting partners to commit to taking joint actions to support the sector.

Ipswich BC

Operations Manager for Arts & Entertainments
Shared Intelligence helped us to reach people who don’t use our services, including some groups that we’d never spoken to before. The project manager kept in regular contact and took on board our requirements. The report has helped us to identify the key actions we need to take to increase the reach of our information and specialist nurse services and has put us in touch with people who want to get involved with our work.

Debbie Clayton

Information Manager
I found this course different, very effective, and succinctly anchored by very knowledgeable trainers. I particularly enjoyed the mini projects and the reflective learning approach which allowed us thinking space. A really useful course and I still use the tips I learnt from it in my day to day job!

Major social housing provider

Regional Manager
The facilitator also came in with his ideas about speed of what we would do, so he pushed us and he can challenge some of the parochial or partisan things locally. And being external, with a recognised position, legitimised his involvement.

Test Valley

Elected Member

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