• We have in-depth knowledge of key policy and service areas.
  • We use evidence to support change.
  • We facilitate difficult conversations.
  • We support strategy and policy making and service delivery.
  • We share our intelligence to enable our clients to achieve their goals.

Shared Intelligence is a strong team of experienced professionals with the ambition and confidence to help our clients address their most pressing challenges and research requirements. We are passionate about economic development, local government, tackling inequalities, the health and wellbeing of local communities and the use of evidence to inform policy-making. We are committed to helping organisations change to deliver improved outcomes for the people and communities they serve.

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Confused about hunches

1st June 2015

Phil Swann, Si Managing Director writes The general election has left me confused. Confused about what the results tell us about the state of British politics, for sure. But also confused about the implications for what weight to place on different types of evidence in decision making; in particular how to balance instinct with hard evidence. In the months, weeks and days leading up to the election the opinion polls told a consistent story: the election would be very close, with the possibility of either David Cameron or Ed Miliband leading some form of coalition or minority or administration. Many of us – politicians, journalists, policy makers, consultants – acted ...Read More

English devolution: this time it’s different

19th May 2015

This time is different. At this stage in the life of a new government the biggest challenge facing local government has generally been to work out how to hold ministers to any commitments to devolution and decentralisation in their manifesto. In the days since the Conservative Party election victory devolution has been high up the new government’s agenda. The Chancellor of the Exchequer made his first post-election speech in Manchester and devoted it to the “Northern Powerhouse” which he described as “a revolution in the way we govern England.” Much of the reaction to his speech has focused on what all this means for places outside the major urban areas, ...Read More

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